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KB-Kälteberatung - Good planning is half the battle!

Installing technical systems within building services – these include cooling, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electrical and sanitary technology as well as the necessary energy technology – is a complex and highly challenging construction enterprise, nowadays.

This is especially true when commercial or industrial requirements together with the highest economic standards must all be met. In order to do this, particularly exact, structured and knowledgeable technical planning is required. This is why the HOAI (a fee structure for architects and engineers) has designed its 5 service phases: “basic evaluation“, “pre-planning“, “conceptual design“, “approval planning“ and “detailed design“.

Basic evaluation includes, for example, clarification of the following questions: Which system is needed? Who and what is required? Which financial general conditions are there? This sounds trivial, yet it is not. The answers to these questions are important factors for the entire future approach.
Within the framework of pre-planning, the basic evaluation is carefully analysed and the remit is correspondingly specified with you. In the foreground there are questions such as: Can all the client’s concepts be realised? From this, an initial planning concept is worked out, incorporating creative, functional, structural-physical, (energy efficient) and economic and ecological aspects. Furthermore, official permission is applied for in advance and estimated costs in compliance with DIN 276 are compiled. In the “conceptual design“ phase, the pre-planning concept becomes clear, tangible and defined and, above all, is presented in a manner which is ready for approval with a consolidated cost calculation.

There follows planning approval with the completion, submission and customisation of the planning documents according to public law. The target of this service phase is clearly defined within the construction approval of the planning concept.

When this target has been achieved, there follows the detailed design. This is the last planning phase and is therefore especially important. Here, KB KälteBeratung guarantees a comprehensive description of the system planned. Thus, as well as cost control, there is the assurance that the systems are implemented as planned.
We at KB KälteBeratung call the services described above “planning“. Furthermore, we offer services such as “testing and coordination“, “supervision“, “experts’ activities“, “subsidies“ and “complete building solutions”.

We will be glad to advise you on the ideal solution for your requirements.
KB - Kälteberatung
KB - Kälteberatung

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