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Good advice needn’t be expensive

At KB KälteBeratung “good advice is valuable“ applies! You have a cooling, air conditioning or energy system? It can be difficult for even experienced operators to recognise, if and when, yes, which construction or technical defects are present.

Then further questions quickly arise, mostly regarding warranty, insurance or law: Have the relevant rules and norms been adhered to, has everything been carried out according to plan, how can damages be adequately documented? Perhaps you simply require a second opinion?

As an engineering company for energy and cooling technology KB KälteBeratung has experienced and certified experts. We assess your system and determine if contractually agreed performance and efficiency values can actually be achieved. We also check, for example, compiled documents for pressure tests or leakage tests, carry out certification in your name and accompany the first initial operation.
As the operator of the system mentioned at the start you are subject to comprehensive supervisory, documentation and labelling obligations, even in a plant free of defects. These obligations are regulated in a multitude of various decrees and regulations which are partly contradictory or which at least cause uncertainty. Within the framework of our experts’ activities we know all operator obligations and manoeuvre you all the way through this “jungle of obligations“.

At KB KälteBeratung we call the services mentioned above “experts’ activities“. Furthermore, we offer services such as “planning“, “testing and coordination“, “supervision“, and “subsidies“.

We will be glad to advise you about which is the optimal solution for you.

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