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Energy Technology

Energy Technology

Energy Technology – The foundation for the sustainable reduction of your running costs

Energy consumption accounts for a large part of the running costs in any technical system. Efficient energy management (e.g. in compliance with DIN EN ISO 50001) and corresponding energy technology is required in order to reduce costs.

Large potential for savings can be achieved via:
  • new or modern systems
  • Heat recycling
  • Combined cooling, heat and power
  • Optimisation of all relevant parameters
  • Use of renewable energies Energien
These factors allow you to save up to 40% on your energy costs.

KB KälteBeratung, your engineering office for energy and cooling technology, offers advice on all energy relevant measures. From analysing the status quo, through planning, implementation and monitoring, right through to servicing and optimisation of the working system.
Our concepts include all possible public and private subsidies and funding.
If you require further information or have questions about energy technology for your project, we offer expert advice, independent of manufacturer, as to the optimal solution for you and which corresponding energy technology is required.

We provide manufacturer-independent expertise to advise you on the optimal solution for your needs.
KB - Kälteberatung
KB - Kälteberatung

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