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What good is the best plan if it's not implemented correctly?

In addition to sound planning, the correct implementation of facilities in the areas of technical building equipment that we cover is crucial. This includes refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, and energy technology.

After all, what good is the best plan if it lacks adequate execution? We prepare the tender documents, play a significant role in awarding contracts, schedule workflows, coordinate the involved trades, monitor proper execution, and ensure adherence to the budget.

The HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers) encompasses three service phases: “Preparation of procurement,” “Participation in procurement,” and “Site supervision.”

In the “Preparation of procurement” phase, our focus is initially on creating performance specifications. These specifications include all quantities relevant according to the execution plan, as well as the relevant regulations, standards, and directives to be observed. This is done for each trade supported by KB KälteBeratung and involved in the construction of the planned facility.

The transition to the next service phase, “Participation in procurement,” is somewhat seamless. Within this phase, we evaluate the received bids and negotiate with the bidders. All of this is done while strictly adhering to the cost specifications laid out in the planning concept. At the end of this phase, we compile the complete procurement and contract documents.

Our activities during the “Site supervision” phase involve the scheduling, documentation, and on-site acceptance of all work necessary for the construction of the commissioned facilities. This also includes regulatory approvals and handover to the operator. We also provide on-site construction management for you. Another part of site supervision is conducting invoice verification, including the corresponding budget-to-actual comparison. This ensures you have full cost control at all times.

The services described above are what we refer to as “Examination & Coordination” at KB KälteBeratung. In addition, we offer services such as “Planning,” “Support,” “Expert Consultation,” and “Grant Assistance.”

We would be pleased to advise you on the optimal solution for your needs.

KB - Kälteberatung
KB - Kälteberatung

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