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About us

About us

KB Kälteberatung is your planning and engineering company for cooling.

About us – discover what we can do for you

We increase the efficiency of cooling, air conditioning and energy systems, optimise energy consumption and utilise subsidies and funding from all state and private sources. Open and sustainable. Our customers profit from:

  • maximum operational safety
  • sustained reduction in energy costs
  • optimised investment in future-proof cooling systems

Our services include consultation, as well as planning, testing and supervising refrigeration systems for commerce and industry all over Europe. When it comes to cooling, we have the comprehensive expertise and necessary resources. Our planners and engineers find the ideal solutions for our customers.

KB KälteBeratung – The cooling experts.

KB - Kälteberatung

Certified quality standards for the hotel and tourism industry.

Hanno Gräf, Managing Director of KB KälteBeratung GmbH, is a member of the international association FCSI. FCSI, founded in the mid-50s in the USA as “Foodservice Consultant Society International,” aims to establish quality standards for consultants and planners in the hospitality industry. Today, FCSI brings together over 1,400 members in more than 40 countries, recognized experts in their respective fields and highly esteemed in the industry worldwide.

As certified members of this association, we are required to meet high-quality standards, provide evidence of competence, such as extensive expertise in our specialized areas, act independently, and ensure ongoing training for our employees. You can expect professional consulting and practical solutions from us in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, and energy technology, as well as in the area of technical building equipment, including heating, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical engineering. Contact us – we are here to provide you with excellent and reliable consultation!

KB - Kälteberatung
KB - Kälteberatung

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