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Here you will find important sources related to the topics of planning and construction:

FIB – Federal Building Specialist Information

Directory of available guidelines, manuals, work aids, and guides for the planning and execution of federal construction projects: http://www.fib-bund.de/Inhalt/Funktionsnavigation/FIB-Inhalte/

HOAI – on the Website of the Federal Ministry of Justice

Regulation on Fees for Architects and Engineers – the complete regulation on the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection: http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/hoai_2013/index.html

HOAI.de – The Online Platform for HOAI

The platform for legal matters, judgments, software, fees, and more – valuable and practical information about HOAI: http://www.hoai.de

VOB – on the Website of the BMUB

Award and Contract Regulations for Construction Works – the complete legal text on the website of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety: http://www.bmub.bund.de/themen/bauen/bauwesen/bauauftragsvergabe/vergabe-und-vertragsordnung-vob/

VOB online

From tendering to billing – valuable and practical information about VOB: http://www.vob-online.de/de/

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