A plan is only as good as its execution…

As well as solid planning, the correct implementation of the systems within all sectors covered by us in the technical installation of buildings is important. This includes cooling, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electrical, sanitary and energy technology – for a plan is only as good as its execution. We prepare the invitation to tender, assist substantially in awarding contracts, schedule processes, coordinate the sub sections involved, supervise the execution according to plan and budget.

The HOAI (a fee structure for architects and engineers) covers three service phases “preparing award of contract“, “assisting with award of contract “and „ site supervision“.
In preparing the “award of contract“ our initial focus is to create a list of specifications.
You will be provided with all relevant quantities as well as rules, norms and regulations, set within the detailed design. This is carried out for every subsection which is supervised by KB KälteBeratung and for all works involved in constructing the planned system.
There follows a more or less fluid transition to the next service phase, “assisting with award of contract“. This framework concerns the assessment of the submitted tenders and negotiating with bidders. All this happens under strict consideration of the cost specifications as set out in the planning concept. At the end of this phase, the compiled and complete award and contract documents are collated.

Our activities in “site supervision“ (overseeing implementation) encompass the time required for coordination, documentation and on-site inspection for all the work necessary to construct the commissioned systems. This includes inspection by the authorities and handing over to the operators. We will also take over on-site construction management. Another component in overseeing implementation is taking care of invoice control including corresponding target-performance comparison. Thus the customer retains full control over costs at all times.
We at KB KälteBeratung call the services described above “testing and coordination“. We also offer services such as “planning“, “supervision“, “experts’ activities“ and “subsidies“.
We will be glad to advise you on the ideal solution for your requirements.